Submitting Artwork

The type of artwork you supply is important to the screen printing process. We're here to help you if you are unsure if your artwork is suitable or not, so please feel free to contact us for advice.

If your file does not meet these guidelines, our creative department can assist you at getting the best result for printing. We'll be upfront about any extra costs, and you'll be able to keep your artwork for other projects.

If you need a design created from scratch (ie: from an idea or sketch), then we would love to help! Please feel free to call, or drop by our office, and tell us what you want.


Preferred Artwork Files

Preferred Artwork Files

Adobe Illustrator: version CC2015 or lower.

*An image placed into Adobe Illustrator does not constitute a viable artwork file.

File must be saved as: .AI /.EPS /.PDF Resolution: N/A (vector art is resolution independent).

Please specify PMS colours to be used. If this is not possible, we can select colours for you. There may be a cost incurred for mixing specific inks.

Convert all fonts to Outlines, or e-mail font files along with the Illustrator file(s).


Adobe Photoshop: version CC2015 or lower

Flattened greyscale/black & white images are accepted if a one colour print is required. However, multi-coloured images will need to be checked by our creative team to ensure they can be easily colour separated.

JPEG files are accepted in some cases (CMYK printing).

Resolution: 300dpi, at final print size.

Please Note: Multi-color artwork, such as color photographs, or full-color, hand-rendered drawings, are only printable using our Simulated Spot Process technique. Due to the technical requirements involved with the setup and printing of Simulated Spot Process prints it is advisable that 50 or more garments be printed.

File must be saved as: .PSD (with Layers retained) Resolution: 300dpi, at final print size.

• Please e-mail font files for all fonts used.

• Please make sure that the background is on a separate layer from the art.


PDF Files

In some cases we can extract correct artwork from PDF files. A good tip to see if you have a vectored logo in your PDF is to zoom in as close as possible to a portion of the logo; if it starts to blur or pixelate then it is not good. If it is still sharp and crisp on the edges then there is a good chance we can use it.

Artwork Not Accepted

Remember: If you fall into this catagory we are able to assist you in getting your design into an acceptable format.

Word (and other text-editing programs) may be used to create rough compositions, or to communicate rough design ideas. However, they are not suitable for creating print-ready artwork. We will advise you on any additional costs for setting up your artwork correctly.

Microsoft native formats

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher documents are not acceptable in any capacity. They are created and saved in a locked format by default, and can only be viewed on a PC with an installed copy of Microsoft Publisher. Our design studio uses Macintosh computers, and as such, are unable to open or view these files.

Handdrawn Sketches

Sketches will need to be created by a process called 'vectoring'. We can give you a quote on what it will cost for this service.

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